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Paul Taylor on Shifting Power

After appearing at CivicAction's "Changemakers Needed" Summit, our co-founder Paul Taylor was interviewed by the Spinning Forward newsletter about why he chose to focus on the changemakers who weren't in the room.

In their conversation, Paul talked about the often-overlooked voices of those most affected by societal challenges, and what's required to truly shift the balance of power.

Important people to me are the people who are profoundly affected by the wicked problems that we face. Those are the important people that we need to be prioritizing. And I think it requires a fundamental rethink of one, who we think is important, and two, recognizing the way that white universalism has continued to leave many of us behind.
It's going beyond inviting people to the table, but actually taking a step back and saying, “Wait a minute, should I be leading here? Or are there other groups that are more appropriate for us to be taking our cues from?” I think that's something that doesn't happen. Folks actually have to cede some power and recognize they don't have the answers to issues that have been disproportionately placed on people that don't look like them.

Paul Taylor

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