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5 signs you’re ready to serve on a nonprofit board.

Serving on a nonprofit board is a powerful way to make a difference in your community, support a cause you care about, and continue developing your skills as both a leader and a team member.

So how do you know you're ready for the challenge?

1. You know your skills, values, and goals.

You have specialized skills, lived experience, knowledge, or passions that you want to contribute to causes that you care about. Now, you’re looking for opportunities to grow as a leader and expand your networks.

2. You like working as a team.

Boards are groups of engaged people who work together to govern an organization.

Members can sometimes work independently, but always with the knowledge of the other members as they aim toward a common goal. Collaboration and accountability are key to an effective and united board.

3. You enjoy putting your values into practice.

Board members ensure that organizations are accountable to their missions and operating ethically and responsibly. They may also support best practices, advocate for issues, fundraise, or provide mentorship.

4. You’re a strategic thinker.

Boards evaluate and support the chief executive, provide financial oversight and guide the use of money and resources, manage potential risk, and monitor progress to ensure that the organization is on track to meet its goals. The best Board members are keen analysts, connecting an organization’s past and present to its possible futures.

5. You’ve got the time and capacity.

Board members are legally required to fulfill their duties. These may require significant time, depending on the organization. Attending meetings isn’t usually enough—you may also need to fundraise, join committees, or organize events. Look for opportunities that fit your schedule to ensure success for both you and the organization.


Does this sound like you? Visit our Careers section to see open Board opportunities with Maggie's Toronto.

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