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Kick off 2024 with a Coaching Package!

Evenings & Weekends is kicking off the new year with a special offer tailored for leaders—and emerging leaders—in the nonprofit sector. From now until the end of January, we're offering 20% off all 12-month career coaching packages.

Unlock Your Potential:

Ever wondered what coaching could do for your professional journey? Coaching is all about navigating change, setting goals, and making lasting transformations. At Evenings & Weekends Consulting, we believe in a partnership between coach and client, a co-creation that empowers you to see challenges differently, make effective choices, and commit to lasting change.

What Sets Us Apart:

Our coaches are not just experts in their fields, but skilled in asking the right questions to help you approach challenges with confidence and clarity. Coaching with us is not about delving into the past; it's about building practices in the here and now for the future you want to see in your professional growth and the sector at large.

Our Equity-Centered Approach: Our coaches are trained in anti-oppression/anti-racism. During our solution-finding process, we identify and acknowledge the ongoing impacts of colonialism, white supremacy, racism, colourism, ableism, patriarchy, ageism, transphobia and homophobia in organizations and in society. As a result of our approach, we find that our coaching clients experience outcomes that are more equity-informed than they might otherwise have.

Our commitment extends beyond coaching, as 5% of our revenue goes to The Circle on Philanthropy, supporting Indigenous-led solutions for increased equity and justice.

Ready to Seize Your Opportunity?

Don't miss out on our special offer of 20% off all 12-month career coaching packages!

Visit our Coaching Page to meet our coaching team and embark on a transformative journey towards personal and professional growth.

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