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About Us

We are practitioners who possess hands-on experience leading diverse organizations. 

As a values-driven consultancy, we are committed to advancing equity, justice and social change through ongoing collaboration with community, non-profit organizations, grassroots groups, charities, activists, academics and local leaders.


Our Work


We collaborate with nonprofits, charities, activists, local leaders, community groups, academics and policy makers to advance progressive change and drive social impact.

Our People

Evenings & Weekends Consulting team
members have hands-on experience
working within and leading an array of
community and nonprofit organizations.

Our Clients

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"Evenings & Weekends Consulting supported our team through our first strategic planning process and effectively and efficiently captured our dreams, visions and actions for the future. Their approach is unique in the consulting world as they centre justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in everything they do and they do so from their lived experience and passion, which truly sets them apart. Be rest assured that Evenings & Weekends Consulting will hold you accountable to your commitments and help you realize the pathway towards a more just society."

Program Director, Future North

Nicole Minialoff

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