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A Letter from the Co-founders of Evenings and Weekends Consulting

Five years ago, we began working together and formed a connection that helped us move in bold directions. With the support of incredible staff, we were able to organize projects that we are very proud of, projects that improved hiring and recruitment processes, mobilized people, demonstrated what justice-oriented fundraising looks like, advanced dialogue on important topics.

These changes were not a one-way street but, rather, the fruit of collaboration. For as much as we contributed, we also received tremendous insight and generosity from those around us. We learned and unlearned so much during those five years. Through our various experiences, we have become better leaders, leading with empathy, prioritizing physical and mental health, and holding ourselves and each other accountable.

In 2022, we founded Evenings and Weekends Consulting as a way of sharing the many lessons that we’ve learned over the years with our community. We knew from experience that many non-profit organizations, grassroots groups, charities, activists and local leaders had a vision for where they wanted to go–actively seeking to build a better world–but needed support in terms of how to get there. With the goal of creating a more just and equitable world, we pulled together a brilliant team of people whose experiences, skills, and expertise reflect the better world we are actively building and eagerly awaited the response.

The response has been astounding.

Organizations across the country have reached out to us for support, drawing on our innovative and effective solutions tailored to their specific needs. From strategic plans to equity audits to graphic design, our wide-ranging services allow us to address complex challenges from a variety of vantage points. In our first eight months, we have engaged clients in youth services, food justice, human rights, education, and more, advancing equity, justice and social impact through collaboration.

To see that a growing number of organizations are taking seriously the responsibility of “doing the work” has been tremendously encouraging. The feedback from our clients has affirmed our belief that change is not only possible, it’s here, and we’re delighted to be a part of advancing good and needed change.

In 2023, we have both devoted ourselves full-time to the work of Evenings and Weekends Consulting. Along with our team of researchers, facilitators, government relations experts, graphic designers, coaches and various other specialists, we continue to support organizations on the path to change, recognizing that, while change does not happen overnight, it is possible with clear vision and consistent effort.

As we enter the new year, we renew our commitments to the values that have been the basis of our impact. We are committed to equity and justice. We believe that reconciliation and mending relations with First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples is our collective responsibility and requires specific and ongoing action by us all. We believe that joy is important and should be prioritized. We are committed to a culture of curiosity. We are life-long learners and unlearners. We are committed to being courageous.

And, finally, we believe that a better world is possible.


Paul Taylor and Laëtitia Eyssartel

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